The watch is more than just a fashion accessory. It is a sign of elegance, class and fortune. Wearing a watch makes a person, especially a man, more attractive. However, it is important to know how to wear it so that you don't fall into the wrong hands. Moreover, there is a type of watch for every look. So how do you combine watch and style?

The type of watch for urban style

They are distinguished by their modern and very stylish look. They are very active and often attend trendy parties. They like to be at the top of their form at every outing, which is why they always wear sophisticated and trendy clothes. If you are among these kind of people, then the ideal watch for you is the military-inspired one. With a very colourful dial and a strap usually made of fabric, this type of watch gives a classy and original look, without exaggeration. In other words, it makes you stand out, without making you look arrogant or too narcissistic. What's more, it can be worn on all occasions, whether for business meetings or evenings with colleagues. The watch and vintage style is also a perfect accessory for an urban dandy. It is very trendy and original.

The type of watch for a smart style

You're pretty serious? Classic or nerd? Do you like to wear shirts or simple clothes? Then you should wear a smart watch that combines style and practicality. Also known as a mechanical watch, the smart watch stands out from the rest with its sober, yet very chic style. The dial is usually made of steel. As for its bracelet, it is mainly made of leather. Nevertheless, other materials such as fabric can also be seen, for example. Apart from its elegant style, the smart watch is also very practical. Some watches are multifunctional and have many uses. They are the perfect watches for students or engineers.

The type of watch for sporty style

The watch and style are two inseparable elements. One can even define a person's lifestyle through their watch. So, if you're more of a sportsman, you need to choose a model that is adapted to the sport. In other words, you need to wear a watch that is resistant, but at the same time trendy. This is because sports exercises encourage you to make sudden movements. Watches must be flexible and strong enough to withstand them. To do this, choose a rubber or plastic model. It fits perfectly with the movement of your body. And if you're a water sports enthusiast, go for a water-resistant diver's watch.