A watch is a fashion accessory that has been around for thousands of years. Models have evolved over time. There are countless watch models to choose from. Both young and old can wear a watch. Everyone has their own preferences. It's up to each person to wear their watch the way they want. They are timeless fashion accessories.

The watch: a simple piece of jewellery or a useful accessory?

If for some, a watch is a useful accessory, for others it is a simple piece of jewellery. Indeed, there are people who only wear watches to embellish their looks. Watches are generally used to tell the time. They are very useful for those who run after the time. With a watch around your wrist, you don't have to take your smartphone out to look at the time. For some people, wearing a watch just becomes routine. There are women who wear watches as if they were simple bracelets.

Is there a right way to wear a watch?

Being comfortable with a watch on your wrist is paramount. Contrary to popular belief, there should be no protocol for wearing a watch. Left hand or right hand, it doesn't matter where you put your watch as long as it doesn't bother you. Most people wear their watches on the hand that does not write. The choice of models depends on individual taste, but you should also see if the model suits your hands. Large watches will never fit on a small hand. Aesthetics have to be taken into account.

A watch for all looks in all seasons

The watches can be worn all year round. The models that are in fashion change over time and seasons. No matter what the look is, there are watch models to match it. Just be careful not to overload your wrist when wearing watches. A watch that fits snugly on your wrist and matches your outfit will always enhance your look. The material of the bracelet must be well chosen. There are watches that no longer work in contact with the high summer heat or with a temperature that is too low. There are also water-resistant models on the market.