There are many ways to sell a high-end watch you haven't used for a long time. But before you do so, make sure you know the value of your luxury watch before you put it on the market.

Selling at an antique dealer or occasional boutique

Many occasional shops can offer you a buy-back of a precious item such as a luxury watch. The advantage of this solution is that it is quick, as the sale is made immediately, and the transaction is secure. In these conditions, selling a top-of-the-range watch exempts you from certain constraints. In fact, not all luxury models can always meet the conditions required to take advantage of it when a boutique buys it back. In spite of its value, it is highly likely that the buyer will offer a price well below its real value. If you have an antique watch, an antique dealer is the best alternative. They are likely to offer a price adapted to your requirements.

Pawnbroking and auctions

If the valuation of your property is sufficiently high, and you do not wish to sell a watch to anyone, you are also free to carry out an auction. This alternative will allow you to choose an individual to whom you can sell your valuable item. To do so, you can contact a boutique that is an expert in the field to tell them your reserve price, which is the minimum cost of the buy-back. This is the minimum cost of the buyback, which usually varies depending on the gold price at the time of the trade-in. You will be expected to establish a selling fee with a ministerial officer who will be primarily responsible for the auction. If this time measuring instrument is not retroceded, the shop will dispose of it through a further sale or return it to you.

Advertising websites

Asking about the valuation of your item purchased for resale is an essential step, to avoid giving your item back at a better price and not being cheated. However, to estimate the value of this luxury time-measuring instrument, make sure you have experience with certain items such as the price of gold. Indeed, knowing the value in grams of gold is mandatory to sell a watch at the right price. If the watch contains gold elements, this will greatly optimize its cost.

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