Too often there is a misconception that accessories are for women only, and that the choice of men's fashion is quite limited. However, the more fashion evolves, the more men find a variety of accessories and styles. So there is no lack of choice. But what are the most elegant and must-have men's accessories?

First essential accessory: the watch

On all the lifestyles blogs that concern men, there is an accessory that is as much indispensable from an elegant point of view, to be a true gentleman, as from a practical point of view. Indeed, having a watch is necessary to get organized. From an aesthetic point of view, one will prefer a leather watch, black or brown, with a rather sober and chic style for those who have a simple and elegant style. A more colourful watch in another material will suit more sportswear or extravagant and colourful styles. In any case, for all styles, the watch is a masculine accessory to never forget to assert your style.

The belt or straps, support and elegance

When you want your trousers not to fall down and you want them to be well supported, especially at the buttocks, a belt is absolutely necessary for a good fit. The belt balances the silhouette and gives style. The ideal is that its colour is in harmony with another accessory, with the watch for example. If the watch is made of brown leather, the ideal would be that the belt is also made of leather and of the same colour. It's more elegant. For those who don't like belts and prefer a more original and singular style, there are the shoulder straps. You can see that they are coming back more and more on men's blogs. The most elegant men wear suspenders but also the most extravagant ones. It's a very practical accessory because the straps hold the pants perfectly, but it's also very original. There are wide, thin and in all colours.

Sunglasses, a great accessory to add some mystery to your wardrobe.

Sunglasses are very present on men's lifestyle blogs. Indeed, they are not only useful in summer when the sun hits hard. They have a real aesthetic and practical interest. Indeed, they allow to preserve the look in the eyes of others, which leaves a mysterious and seductive side. Moreover, they are very practical when you want to hide dark circles, or stay away from sunlight which can sometimes be aggressive. The advantage is that there are many different styles of glasses. Everyone can find what they are looking for, whatever the style.