U-Play brassiere ladies’ watches series consists of 3 elements, every with a stylishly stylish wide strap, with champagne, blue and beige 3 colours. Champagne watches with whole identity of Gucci Watches ssima animal skin, showing gold and brown tones. animal skin strap with “GG” adorned pattern, with champagne animal skin edge. Surface of silver, adorned with sun pattern, to point out interlocking double “G” form pattern. Another 2 beige and blue animal skin watches ar with Guccissima animal skin strap and therefore the same color edge. Surface everyplace reveals the distinctive details of Gucci Replica Watches design: Beige Watch with sun hanging pattern of smut surface, similarly as red and inexperienced interlocking “G” shape; Blue watches are adorned with sun pattern with smut surface, interlocking double “G” form places coordinating blue and red to point out. U-Play brassiere series and U-Play series are going to be sold within the kind set, the user is the favourite consistent with mood and magnificence heart replacement edge and strap, these watches Gucci can become one amongst the foremost attention-grabbing works.