In the 2011 Geneva Salon Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) on, Richard Mille launched snake-inspired Tourbillon RM 026 measuring system, referred to as Haute Horlogerie with an ideal combination of fine jewellery. 2013, Richard Mille launched Panda pattern RM 26-01, for the RM series jewellery timepieces have intercalary a replacement product. Watch in gold, diamonds, black stones, black chalcedony harmony of various materials such lifelike image sketched out, initially sight. Richard Mille Replica Watches in 2011 Salon International Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), the publisher of the RM 026 Tourbillon jewellery watch, the watch with legendary snake style inspiration, within the confusion between the sense of luxury jewellery and style delicate sense of excellent fusion, will be fine jewellery watches creative sense to the acute. This year, Richard Mille launched new watches RM 26-01, large pandas in China for style inspiration, once more leading watchmaking and jewellery decorated craft the right mix, to our surprise. variety of rare procyonid, already species, thanks to its friendly and wonderful image of innocence wide plagued by the worldwide quality and cultural exchanges within the world and is taken into account a logo of relationship and peace. Panda originally geographical {area|geographic area|geographical region|geographic region} and Southwest regions in China’s mountainous and plain areas are distributed, has currently become associate degree species, live principally in Szechwan province, Shaanxi and province provinces within the mountains. Replica Richard Mille Watches, take it as inspiration for the assembly of RM 026 Panda Tourbillon jewellery watch, the right image of the panda show, could be a rare rare dress shop. RM 26-01 tourbillon movement with black chalcedony base. chalcedony as a patterned quartz, quartz is hidden, principally composed of silicon oxide. Black chalcedony henselae ar black. This gem is claimed to possess absorbed the negative energy, so the user Ning Xinjing gas result. Black chalcedony figures have so been driven nature of evil spirits haunting could be a image of harmony and Reiki. Sitting on a table pandas uptake bamboo crafted in 18K metal, diamond and black sapphire crammed with tourbillon along. Panda around many of the gold inscribed bamboo, on behalf of its natural environs, created ​​by hand painted.